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Welcome to the Tibari Outpost | Tibari Outpost

Welcome to The Tibari Outpost

The Tibari are a group of beings that Originate from a small world known as ZanTibar. Decades ago, ZanTibar was attacked and most of it’s resources were taken. In order to restore and maintain their world the leaders of ZanTibar, the High Council, created the SPECTRE program. The SPECTRE are Tibari Teams who’s primary mission is to explore the various sectors of space in order to find resources from uninhabited worlds. Their secondary mission is to find the beings that ravaged their world and put a stop to their destructive ways. Hundreds of SPECTRE teams have been deployed to explore the various sectors of space.   Each team occupies an outpost within the sector they are exploring.

The Tibari Outpost is the small moon base called Mineta located in the Kwari Sector.  Spark & his Team use Mineta as their base of operations while they explore the Kwari Sector.

Spectre Comic Cover

Outpost Updates:

In spite of the fact that I have not given an Outpost update in almost a year, I have been working hard over at Spectre Space Comics posting the weekly pages. As of yesterday, I posted page 12 of Chasing Shadows. I also just completed Spectre Comics Issue 5 and you can see that cover posted as the feature image above. I’ve also been creating some new art as displayed in the Spark Saucer Ship image below. It has been a busy year so I will tell you that we are moving quickly ahead to finish the Chasing Shadows Storyline. I’ve written the scripts for issue #6 and #7. I’ve outlined the plot points for issue #8 and I’m halfway through doing that with issue #9, the final issue in this storyline. Then I have some new ideas for what comes next.

I’ve also started sketching issue #6 and am about 9 or 10 pages into that. I attended Wizard World Chicago a week ago. My table setup is shown just below. It was a fun weekend, as all Conventions are. But it is exhausting and I was glad to have some downtime afterwards. I give a lot of credit to those creators that go from Con to Con. That is certainly a different kind of lifestyle than I’m used to. I’ve also started an Instagram account where I’ve been posting all of my latest art and Spectre Stuff. Follow me, if you dare.


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an Outpost Update. I apologize to all you rabid Spectre Fans. Hopefully you’ve been getting your Spectre Fix over at Spectre Space Comics, the webcomic. I have been very good about posting comics and updates every week over there. If you’ve missed the news, I’ve applied for a Table in artist alley at C2E2 2016. I’ve decided to redraw, with my tablet, Spectre: A Dark Matter. This is to give a consistent canon to my stories and bring the artwork and dialogue more in line with the new way I produce my comics. I’ve been hard at work on Spectre Issue 5. I’m 12 pages into the final drawing draft and it looks fantastic. I’ve written issue 6 and have partially written the first draft of issue 7. It is all coming along well. Slow…but well.

I’ve got some news, I’ve scheduled my next Comic Convention. The Lake County Convention, or as it’s better known, "Count-i-con" is coming up at the end of August. I decided to forget about Wizard World Chicago and do this smaller Con the following weekend. This is a two day show at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, IL. I don’t know my table number yet, but the show is on August 29th and 30th. I’ll post more information as I get it. General information on Count-i-con can be found at http://counticon.com/. It’s a good deal for comic fans because it’s only $5 to get in and parking is free, I I believe. This is a little scary because I’m going in blind. I’ve never been to this show as an exhibitor or even as a fan. For that matter, I’ve never even heard of it before it was promoted to all of the artist alley creators at C2E2. Being relatively new to the convention scene, I was having a hard time selling to the people who passed by my C2E2 table. I was a little fish in a big pond. I’m curious to see how I do at a smaller show where the public can focus on indie artists like myself instead of famous artists, celebrities, panels and all the things that accompany a show like C2E2 or Wizard. Come out and check up onSpectre Comics at the show.
Count-i-con comic convention

First off, Happy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you! Second, It’s been a week since I attended my first comic convention as an exhibitor. I really had a great time and will certainly do it again next year. I may even go to a show before then. C2E2 was awesome. I met lots of great people and got to promote Spectre Comics. I got a lot of great feedback and some people even spent their hard earned money on my comics. I’m getting ready to add a store to this site and over at Spectre Space Comics in order to make all of my comic issues and graphic novels available. I posted a picture of me at my convention table below.

BIG NEWS! I’m going to my first convention! Well, as an artist in Artist’s Alley. Not as a spectator. I’m really excited and have been spending the last week getting ready for the show. I’ve ordered many copies of Spectre Comics and Books….I’m getting some art together and I’m preparing everything I need for my table. I did not realize how much work goes into show prep. This, undoubtedly has slowed my work on Spectre Issues 5 and 6. I will get back to that, but I have to make sure I’m ready for the show. So if you’re heading to the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo on April 24-26th, Stop by table Q14 in Artist Alley and buy a comic book.

Spectre Space Comics, the Webcomic continues to grow as I posted my 20th page last week. I told my self that once I had 20 pages, I would start to push the marketing a bit more. So now I will begin researching how to do this. Also, I continue to sketch and layout Issue 5 of Spectre Comics to continue the Rogue Asteroid storyline. This is going smoothly, I’m taking steps to eliminate the fluff in my writing here, instead of later, like I did for Chasing Shadows. Finally, I I’m working on a new action composition with all of my characters from Chasing Shadows…This includes Arcko, who although not a member of the Spectre, will add a lot as I move to promote the Chasing Shadows and Rogue Asteroid.

Outpost Update Archives:  Missed an update?  Check out the Archives.

Spark Flees from Coruggi Fighters!
Spark Ship Space


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