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The Tibari are a group of beings that Originate from a small world known as ZanTibar. Decades ago, ZanTibar was attacked and most of it’s resources were taken. In order to restore and maintain their world the leaders of ZanTibar, the High Council, created the SPECTRE program. The SPECTRE are Tibari Teams who’s primary mission is to explore the various sectors of space in order to find resources from uninhabited worlds. Their secondary mission is to find the beings that ravaged their world and put a stop to their destructive ways. Hundreds of SPECTRE teams have been deployed to explore the various sectors of space.   Each team occupies an outpost within the sector they are exploring.

The Tibari Outpost is the small moon base called Mineta located in the Kwari Sector.  Spark & his Team use Mineta as their base of operations while they explore the Kwari Sector.

SPECTRE on the Bridge of the Zebulon

Outpost Updates:

Wow, it has been many moons since I last posted an update. A lot has happened. First off, the delay in posting is because I was getting so close to the end. I was so focused on finishing this book. So where am I in the process? Well, I am for all intents and purposes finished with all four comics of the Chasing Shadows story. This storyline ends on a cliffhanger which will be followed by another 4 to 5 issues I’m dubbing as the Rogue Asteroid storyline. I have decided not to color this iteration of my story, but will add in some gray tones to break up the monotony of the black and white pages. That should only take a week or two. But the content is done. In fact, two of the issues are ready for print right now. I am going to start looking at online comic book printers and get some quotes. As for the Rogue Asteroid storyline, I have written the scripts of the first two issues. I recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq 13hd drawing tablet, and I’m hoping that my work improves in quality and speed. I’ve already noticed a big difference since I’ve been using it.

I’ve been hard at working trying to finish up my first 4 issues of Spectre Comics. In the time since I last wrote, I submitted to another agent (got a rejection) but I finished my first two issues in black and white. I have decided to finish all four issues in black and white and then do color later. Unless I get an agent and put all four issues into a single book. In which case, I will want it to be in color. But I really want to finish the four issues so I can start drawing the second book. I anticipate that will also be about four issues. When all is said and done, I will then have two 110 page graphic novels that span the Chasing Shadows/Rogue Asteroid storyline.

I’m preparing to send my first query letter to a literary agent this week. I know its a long shot to get representation, but I thought this would be the most ideal way to get published. I’m getting really close to finishing, but it sometimes feels like it moves at a snails pace. I want to complete book 1 so I can start drawing book 2. I attended C2E2 yesterday. The Chicago comic convention was again a lot of fun. I hope to be among those setting up a table in artist alley someday. Maybe next year.

I’ve been hard at work trying to finish up Spectre: Chasing Shadows when all of a sudden, I decided to switch gears on how I am going to release my work. First, I decided to color the comic. I think it looks much better in color and gives a lot of life to the characters. Next, I decided that I can break the book down into 4 chapters and create individual issues out of the book. If I decided to put a collection together of all four issues, I have a full graphic novel. I am also preparing to send out a query to a literary agent to see if they would be interested in representing my work. A lot is going on, and I hope the hard work pays off soon.

I seem to have forgotten to post an update in January…that’s fine. It gave me more time to get more of the book done. I’ve got 80 pages inked and 17 pages completed. I’ve spoken to a book distributor of mine and he suggested getting a literary agent to help me. I’m going to look into it. It could really help me get my foot in the door of some publishers. I post lots of updates on the book on Twitter, so click here to check my feed: Mike Twitter.

The inking has been going swiftly. I’m wrapping up page 52. I’ve also completed 12 pages of computer editing. I’ve had some feedback on the rough draft of the book and was compelled to eliminate a page and rewrite some of the dialogue. I think it will help the story move along better. That’s all I’ve been fousing on lately. Though I need to get back into writing the second half of this story which will become book 3, tentatively titled Spectre: Rogue Asteriod.

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A Scene from MidRocks Tavern on the Midway Space Station.
Spectre Comics in Color


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