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About the Author

About Mike:

My name is Mike and when I’m not piloting the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs I spend my days toiling away as an architect. That’s my day job. In general, I’m just a guy from Chicago that loves sports, movies, biking, photography, trying to learn guitar, and many other things. In my spare time, I work on a Graphic Novel series I’ve created called SPECTRE. I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, and when I was in grade school, I created a character that I called Spark. Spark started as an undeveloped, unrefined cartoon being that really had no purpose. I just drew him all the time. As I got older, I became inspired by the novels, comics and movies that I consumed over the years. It made me want to give Spark and his companions a story, a history and a reason for existing. So I did!

Drawing was always something that I was identified with. Until I created my graphic novel Spectre: A Dark Matter, I never really wrote and drew for anyone other than myself. I do it because it is fun for me and I love to write stories for the characters that I created so many years ago.

So, what’s with this Website?

I created the Tibari Outpost to act as an encyclopedia for all of the things in My Spectre Universe. I used to keep files of drawings and storylines and backgrounds about characters, locations, history and more. Now, I can put it here on this site as a reference for myself and anyone who reads (and hopefully enjoys!) my work. I have so much to add because I have 20+ years of content that I created for myself. On top of that, I’m creating new characters and stories all the time.

But that’s not all:

In addition to being the doorway to Spectre Canon, I wanted to use the Tibari Outpost to help people who, like me, have tried to Make and Publish their own Comic Book. This site also contain articles, tips and videos to help someone who wants to start their own book. I’ve also written an eBook called: "How to Create and Publish your own Comic Book" which is designed to take people from the conceptual stage of creating their story all the way through to publishing. I basically used my experience of publishing Spectre: A Dark Matter and documented the process. My hope is that if there’s someone out there that needs a little help, my eBook can be the guide.

It’s Important to note:

Everything on this site is meant for the amateur…if you work for DC or Marvel, you don’t want tips from me. But I like sharing what I’ve learned through my process. And as I continue to do this, I learn more and I share what I learn. If you’d like to get my tips and articles sent right to your email, you can subscribe below.

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