Adding Linear Gradients with Photoshop

Adding Cool Effects with Photoshop – Using the Linear Gradient Tool:

How do you do this?

You may have finished your comic book page. The whole book might be fully inked. You’ve replaced all of your handwritten text. You’re basically 2 second from publishing, Right?

WRONG! If you want to take your book to the next level, let’s add in some really cool, visually interesting effects to make your comic book pages really sing. Let’s start with the Linear Gradient Tool.

The Linear Gradient Tool makes a black (or white, or color for that matter) gradient that goes from dark and fades to transparent, revealing your drawings underneath. To see how this works, watch the video below….

This video tutorial is a supplement to the content described in my eBook: How to Create and Publish your own Comic Book. These are the exact techniques I used in order to complete my Graphic Novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter and will use in all my upcoming Books.

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