Coloring Comics with Photoshop – Part 1

Use Photoshop Elements to Color your Comics – Part 1:
How do you do this?

As part of my continuing effort to share my techniques for creating comics, I’ve recorded some video tutorials on my coloring techniques using photoshop elements. To keep the videos at a reasonable length, I broke the video into 3 parts, each around 10 minutes in length (plus or minus). These videos supplement my eBook, How to Create your own Comic Book and are linked from within the eBook.

The first video of the three takes you from a clean black and white drawing on the left, to a partially colored image on the right. Click the video below to watch part 1….

If you want to proceed to video 2, click Coloring your Comics – Part 2
If you want to proceed to video 3, click Coloring your Comics – Part 3

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2 Responses to Coloring Comics with Photoshop – Part 1

  1. Fred Harris says:

    Hey Mike,
    I really would like to buy your book “Create your own comic book” but I just can’t seem to purchase it on any of the sites. Is it ready yet?? How do I go about buying it? I think your techniques are great and I want to learn more.


    • Spark says:


      Sorry, I just happened upon your post now. I had the ebook pdf available a few years ago, but took it down. Some of the information is out of date now as Createspace has changed the way they publish. The first half of the book is about actually creating the book and the second half is about self-publishing. I may bring it back through my Storenvy Store….keep checking, your interest has made me revisit this. If I bring back the book it will be posted here:

      Thanks for your interest. Mike

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