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Tips for Making your own Comic Book - Tibari Outpost | Tibari Outpost

Comic Book Creating

The Articles & Posts below will help you Make your own Comic Book. This material is designed to supplement and expand upon the information found in How to Create your own Comic Book my step by step guide.

Getting Stuck on a drawingImproving your Drawing Skills, When you get stuck (read more)

I’m currently working on my next comic book/graphic novel. At this point, I have fully sketched out the book, and have moved to the next phase which is hard-lining the pencils. This is where I add.

Tools for Inking ComicsTools for Inking Comics (read more)

Different artists use different tools to create their art. Generally, when you look at the credits for a comic book, you can have about.

Tools for Pencil DrawingDrawing Tools for Comics (read more)

I thought I’d write a quick post on what tools I like to use when I’m pencilling my comic pages.

Lay Out a Comic PanelComic Book – Comic Strip Panel Layout (read more)

Whether you’re writing a comic book or a comic strip, there are a few guidelines to follow to give your readers the best experience. You may not even notice some…

Naming a characterHow to name your Characters (read more)

When you design a new character for a comic book, one thing that may elude you is the name. I’ve spent many a night with a fully realized new character without…

Make a Comic

Make your own Comic Book (read more)

The Tibari Outpost (www.tibari-outpost.com) is basically two websites in one. The first half, I’ll say the more prominent half, is…

Create a Comic Book Character (read more)

From my perspective, there are two ways to approach character design. Keep in mind that I am coming at this from the…

Comic Book Page Layout (read more)

You’re getting ready to start drawing your comic book, but you don’t know how to lay out a comic page. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow…

Also, for video tips on improving your artwork using photoshop, check out my YouTube Channel: Comic Book Tip Videos by Viradian

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