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I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Recently, I decided to take this ability of mine and try and do something more with it. I wasn’t really sure what, but something. I mean, I’ve created some comic book characters for myself. I’ve written a couple of comic books using them. And as of this post, I’m in the process of working on my next comic book…but, what else can I do? And how might I make a little extra money doing this “thing” that I love to do anyway?

The cliche that “it’s not work if you love what you do” is only half true. When you’re busy, everything you “have to do” is work. It just happens to be “easier” to do if you love doing it.

Now, as I stated above, I did create a comic book which is on sale at and the Kindle Store. But this post is not here to promote that book, but to make the point that just because it’s there doesn’t mean anyone will buy it. You see, no one knows who I am. No one is aware of the work that I do. I don’t have a built-in audience waiting for me to publish my next book so they can enthusiastically support and devour my work.

Drawing Cartoons

The first thing I did to build interest in what I was doing was to create my website, the Tibari Outpost. If you didn’t get this post emailed to your through Feedburner or some other RSS Reader, you are probably reading it on that site right now. The Tibari Outpost was intially designed to be a reference guide or encyclopedia for people interested in Spectre Comics and the Universe I created. But just building a website was not going to attract the visitors if no one knows about it. And trying to get ranked for keyword phrases like “Sci-Fi Comic Books” or “Space Graphic Novel” is nigh impossible. I’m also pretty sure that no one is going to search for Spectre Comics since 99.9% of the people out there don’t know what that is. I had to come up with some other way to draw people to the Tibari Outpost.

Around this time, I came across a website called Smart Passive Income, run by a guy named Pat Flynn. I related to Pat because he is very similar to me. We both graduated college with Degrees in Architecture and ended up getting laid off during this recent economic downturn. And we both have been doing things online to make money; though Pat’s speed of success has far, far surpassed my own.

Drawing Cartoons

Now, I’ve been online for many years. My wife and I opened an Online Retail Store in 2006 called My Pillow Place which is moderateIy successful, considering the bad economy. I also started a home improvement site called which was designed to be an affiliate site. Most recently, I’ve been working on my next Spectre Comic Book and posting content to the Tibari Outpost. As an aside, I did find employment again as an architect, but I continue to work on my Comic Books and Websites in my spare time. However, with all this work that I had done and continued to do; I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

Pat, from Smart Passive Income, had written a Blog Post that kind of started me moving in a different direction. The Post was Called, “Do you Need Passion to Profit Online?

This post got me to think more seriously about what else I could do with my drawing hobby. How could I attempt to make some money doing what I already love to do? Pat from SPI had created a Free eBook called, eBooks the Smart Way. So I, like many other people, downloaded it and tried to figure out what I could make my eBook about. Then it occured to me to write an eBook on How to Create and Publish a Comic Book, because I had just done this myself. I figured there might be other people interested in a step by step guide on this topic. Maybe they could use my method to make their own book. This sounded like a great idea, so I started writing my eBook. A few months later, I completed it and posted it on this site.

As I started posting content on this site in relation to making comic books, the traffic on the Tibari Outpost started to grow. The idea was to get people here for the comic book content and then to stay and browse my comic book universe. In order to communicate with any visitors to this site, I plan to start a newsletter soon and I’m working on a free eBook that will give Comic Book Drawing tips for people who sign up for the newsletter. I find myself spending more time working on this project that I love doing. The goal is to get people interested in my work and wanting more. And as I create more comic books, I want those that enjoy them to always anticipate the next one.

I’ve recently received some kind words about my work from people who have stumbled onto my site and found my contact form. It’s nice to get feedback, and it’s those people that motivate you to do more. The point is, you can take your passion to the next level. It’s hard work, but work that is worth the effort. And making money from your passions makes it even better as it allows you to spend more productive time doing something you love.

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