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Make your own Comic Book and Get it Published. | Tibari Outpost

Create your own Comic

How to Create your own Comic Book

***Do you have a great idea for a comic book but don’t know how to get started?

***Are you having trouble convincing a publisher to publish your comic book?

If you’re an amateur artist/author that is trying to make a comic book from scratch and get it published, I’ve created an eBook that can guide you through the entire process. We’ll go from creating to publishing and make your awesome comic book available to anyone who wants to buy it. I take you step by step through my process that I used to create my own Graphic Novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter.

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How to Create your own Comic Book

Make your own comic book
Each section covered in this eBook are listed below in the Table of Contents.

Spectre: A Dark Matter is not actually my first book. I originally wrote a comic book over 10 years ago simply titled, SPECTRE. I never published this book. It’s just something that I wrote, drew, and had bound at my local Kinkos. The point is, I didn’t know what I was doing. I wished I had someone to ask about how to take my book from concept to completed product and make it available for everyone to purchase.

That’s why I created the eBook: How to Create Your Own Comic Book
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Now that I’ve had a bunch of years going through all the pains of figuring out how to do this, I’ve put together an eBook that will show step by step how to create a comic book or graphic novel from scratch. Come up with an idea. Write it, draw it, ink it. Use computers to clean it up and make it look professional. Then we’ll learn to format it and submit it to an On Demand Publisher like Createspace, and make it available to everyone.

What this eBook will do for you:
* We’ll take your idea from concept to an organized outline.

* We’ll expand your outline into a cohesive story and script.

* We’ll take your script and lay it out into comic book panels.

* We’ll learn techniques for finalizing your pencil drawings.

* We’ll finalize our artwork with ink and use computers to enhance our pages.

* We’ll set up a free account with Createspace (an On Demand Publisher).

* We’ll go through the publishing process with On Demand Publishing and make your book available for your fans to purchase.

* We’ll go over some simple ideas for marketing and promoting your book.

* and much more…

What else do you get?

* On Tibari-Outpost.com I will frequently post articles, tips and "How To" videos to supplement the content of the eBook that you can access FREE at any time. Visit the Comic Book Creating Tips Section to check out the content already posted.

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Now that I’ve gone over the benefits of reading this eBook, you can peruse the table of contents below to see everything that the book covers.

This eBook is a great resource and reference to help you publish your own comic book. If you want to make your own comic book and get it published, the eBook as well as the free tips and "how to" videos for comic book creating on Tibari-Outpost.com will really help you complete your project. Go on, read the book and get started!

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