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Using Feedburner for your Comic Book Blog:

If you’ve created a Blog to Promote your Comic Book as I’ve suggested, make sure you use Feedburner as a way to let people who visit your site receive your new content. Feedburner is a Free Google Product that you can access from your Google Account. Below is an image of my Google Account and some of the products that I have access to.

If you do not have a Google Account, then sign up for one. Access your Products from the left side navigation and scroll to the bottom where you will find a link for "All Google Products." If you click that, you will see a list of Google Products you can add to your account for Free. Find Feedburner and add it.
Google Account Products

When you click the Feedburner Button, you will be taken to a page where you can Set Up your Blog’s Feed to your account. In the image below, the red arrow indicates where you should enter your feed URL to get your Feed in the Burner….your feed will be "www.yourdomain.com/feed". Obviously, enter your web address where it says "yourdomain."

Google Account Products

Once you add your feed, click the Next Button and Feedburner will access your Feed and give you some options. Viewing your account once you select if from the Feed Title Menu above will bring you to the screen below. You will notice several tabs. For the purposes of getting people to sign up for your Feed via Email Subscription, select the Publicize Tab. Select Email Subscriptions and Subscription Management from the left side navigation as shown by the red arrow below.

Feedburner Subscriptions

What we’re going to do now is copy the code above so we can add a Feedburner Subscription Box to our WordPress Sidebar Widgets. Below the code, you need to select where you are using the code. Use the Widget in TypePad. There are only options for TypePad and Blogger. However if you are using WordPress to Promote your Comic Book like me, the TypePad option will work for WordPress.

So, select the code as shown above and copy it into a Text Widget in your Blog. I put mine in the 4th footer text widget of my WordPress Blog. You can paste this code wherever you’d like and you can paste it on multiple pages. Below is what the Subscribe Box looks like on the Tibari Outpost.

Tibari Outpost Subscription

Once people come to your comic promoting blog, they can subscribe to your content by entering their email address in the box and hit the Subscribe Button. I manipulated the code a little bit to customize the text above the subscribe box. Also, since the Subscribe Box is all the way at the bottom of every page on the site (in the footer), I put a note up at the top of the page inviting people to scroll down and subscribe at the bottom.

What will happen now is that every time you publish a new post, an email of your post will be delivered right to your subscribers. It’s a great way to keep people engaged with your site even if they don’t visit your site every day. If you are using a blog to promote your comic book, you should absolutely take advantage of a Free Tool like Feedburner.

By all means, I’d like to encourage you to subscribe below if you like what you’re reading on the Tibari Outpost. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter your email and sit back and wait for News from the Outpost with your New Feedburner Subscription!

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  1. Ivory Pannebaker says:

    One frequent perceived technical problem with FeedBurner is the reduced number of subscribers being reported for the blogs using the service. This is not actually a technical problem with FeedBurner, but by the feed readers and aggregators that report to FeedBurner, as FeedBurner collects and tallies from those partners. Usually this problem is connected with one specific RSS reader or client. ,*

    Have fun

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