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How to Draw Comics | Tibari Outpost

How to Draw Comics

Articles and Posts that give you tips and techniques on drawing for comics.

Photoshop Coloring Part 1Coloring your Comics with Photoshop (read more)

Videos and Posts that will help you Color your own Comic Book using Photoshop or the graphics program of your choice. This material is designed to supplement and

Spectre Sample PagesOn the Boards – October 2012 (read more)

A couple of new pages have been posted, you can get a quick view of the progress of the next Spectre Book…

Make a Comic

Make your own Comic Book (read more)

The Tibari Outpost (www.tibari-outpost.com) is basically two websites in one. The first half, I’ll say the more prominent half, is…

How to Draw Comic Book BuildingsHow to Draw: Comic Book Buildings and Set Pieces (read more)

Every scene in your comic book happens "somewhere." As you are writing your story, you inevitably have a picture of each scene in your head. Before you finally have to put…

How to Draw Comic Book ActionHow to Draw: Comic Book Characters in Action (read more)

Ok, so you’ve designed your character and can easily draw them in a traditional pose. There they are, standing arms at the side and tilted in a three-quarter profile. Here’s my character…

Spectre Sample PagesOn the Boards – July 2012 (read more)

Every so often, I plan to give readers a quick peek at what I’m working on at the moment. Below are couple of pages for my, yet to be titled, second graphic novel. Work is…

Also, for video tips on improving your artwork, check out my YouTube Channel: Comic Book Tip Videos by Viradian

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