Make your own Comic Book

Make your own Comic Book, and get it Published

The Tibari Outpost ( is basically two websites in one. The first half, I’ll say the more prominent half, is dedicated to providing information about the universe that I created relating to SPECTRE. SPECTRE is my series of graphic novels featuring characters, worlds, etc. [well it will be a series] that I have created and expanded over the last 20 years. Currently there is only one Graphic Novel…SPECTRE: A Dark Matter.

The second half of this website is more of a reference guide to how you can make your own comic book and get it published. That half of the site is centered around my (newly launched as of June 2012) eBook: How to Create your own Comic Book. So who is this eBook written for?
Make your own comic book
Well, this Comic Book Making Guide was written for people like me. And I wrote this guide because there was nothing like it out there for me when I needed it. When I say people like me, I am referring to the amateur artist/author who likes to write and draw. I created some characters many years ago and always wanted to tell a story involving them using a comic book format. Years ago, I did write and draw a story with them which ended up be nothing more than a homemade Comic Book.

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Now this attempt to put a comic book together was successful in the sense that it got done. However it looked far from professional. On top of that, no one who didn’t know me personally ever got to read it because it was never published. Back when I put this comic book together (in the late 90’s), there was no easy way for an amateur to get a comic book published. Very few comic book publishers take random, unsolicited submissions. Those that do are highly selective. Needless to say, I really had no chance.

Thankfully, in this age of the Internet, a lot of options are available to people like me. On Demand Publishing made it possible for me to take my creation (that I worked on for many moons) and make it available to the masses. I thought that was pretty cool. Createspace, an On Demand Publisher, allowed me to realize a dream.

I wrote, drew and published a graphic novel/comic book called SPECTRE: A Dark Matter. I took everything that I learned during the process and created an eBook that others can use as a reference guide to get their book published.

So if you’re like me, an amateur artist/writer that wants to get their work published, my eBook: “How to Create your own Comic Book” was written for you. This eBook takes you through the entire process and steers you away from some of the pitfalls. I show you how to:

-Organize your ideas
-Create a story
-Write a Script
-Lay out your comic pages
-Finalize your pencils
-Ink your artwork
-Enhance your graphics with Photoshop
-Create a book cover
-Set up a free account with Createspace (On Demand Publisher)
-Upload your book to Createspace
-Set up your book listing
and give you some simple ideas for marketing and promoting your book

If you are looking for a guide to help you make and publish your own comic book, you should definitely give this eBook a look. I would love to help you accomplish your goal.

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