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Do you have a novel, graphic novel or comic book you want to get published?

Have you been turned down or even just had trouble getting your foot in the door with a publisher? Well, those days are over. With the rise in popularity of internet book retailers like Amazon.com and the invention of On Demand Publishers like Createspace everyone can fulfill the dream of having their book published. The only factor that will limit you is the ability to start and complete your project.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Click the banner and Sign Up for a Free Account on Createspace to start publishing your book.

Setting up a Free Account with Createspace is a great place to start. Createspace is an affiliate of Amazon.com and that relationship will benefit you, the author/artist/creator, to get exposure on the largest book retailer on the internet. In my eBook, How to Create and Publish your own Comic Book, I walk you through the process of setting up an account and showing you how easy it is to publish your work.

I personally use and recommend Createspace if you are a casual author looking for an avenue to publish your work. The great thing about On Demand Publishing with Createspace is that anyone, and I mean anyone, can do it. From free to full-service, CreateSpace offers book publishing options to meet your needs and budget. Sign up free now.

This is my Comic Book’s listing on Amazon.com. Your book could be here too!

Being that Amazon is also affiliated with the Kindle and Kindle Fire, you can also make a digital version of your book and have available for download on any Kindle or Tablet with a Kindle App.

With a small upgrade fee (per title) your book can be made available to schools, libraries and large retail bookstores. I recently found my book listed in Barnes and Noble’s website. That was pretty cool. I didn’t even know it was there until I did a Google Search and it turned up.

What will Publishing with Createspace do for you?

** Give you an easy way to publish your novel, graphic novel or comic book without hassel or worry.

** Inventory of your book is never low. People buy it through Amazon.com or your free eStore (provided by Createspace)…it gets printed for that order and shipped directly to the eager customer.

** When people order your book, it is printed and shipped in a very timely manner by Createspace.

** You set all the parameters including your book size, length, price and more.

** Createspace can also publish your audio or video project; don’t limit yourself.

** Create a digital version of your work and get downloaded on Kindle, Nook and other popular tablets.

** With Create Space On Demand Publishing there’s no need for a literary agent. You can do it all on your own.

** A free and thriving community forum of authors and artists that offer advice, answer questions and help you stay involved with the publishing process.

** There are lots of resources to help you through the process from creating to marketing your work. There are articles, forums and assistance that you can access at any time.

** Access to free tools to help you format your book or even create a cover.

** For those who would like a little bit of assistance to make their book as professional as possible, Createspace offers reasonably priced additional services to help with editing, creating and every aspect of the process.

Createspace On Demand Publishing offers many more great features, and it can help you get published if you sign up for a free account today.
Publish your book with CreateSpace: get high royalties, low book prices, and expanded distribution.

My First Attempt, Before Createspace…

Back in College, I wrote/drew my first Comic Book…(I’m going to call it a Graphic Novel, because its quite a bit longer than a standard Comic Book) and did not have the slightest idea on how to bring it from my drawing board to the bookshelf. This was back in the 90s and the internet was relatively new. The only Amazon that existed was a tropical rainforest in Brazil.

So my only option was to take my drawings to Kinko’s, make some copies and get the book spiral bound. The result was what you see below.

Original unpublished SPECTRE Book, written by hand and bound at Kinkos.

Now, when I was finished with that project, I thought it looked pretty cool. But it didn’t look like a professionally printed book that I would find on a bookshelf at my local Barnes and Nobel. But what I did do was take this spiral bound book, which displayed many months of my hard work, and mailed it to three Comic Book Publishers that indicated that they accept and publish work from amateur authors/artists.

A few weeks later, I got some responses back in the mail. Each of them praised the ambitious nature of my work. They also complimented my artwork…but each of them also told me that this book was not for them. You can praise me all you want, but I didn’t get what I wanted…and that was to have my book published and available for people to buy.

Flash forward about 10 years and I discovered On Demand Publishing…

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

Click the banner and Sign Up for a Free Account on Createspace to start publishing your book.

Finding Createspace was the greatest thing for me. I researched how to use it. I set up a free account and proceeded to go through the process of publishing my book. When I ordered received my proof copy in order to approve it, it was an exciting day around my house. Holding my published book was pretty surreal. I don’t want to be overly dramatic about it, but I was very proud at what I had done. I have plans for at least 3 more books and my next one is getting close to being published. I can’t wait to receive that proof again.

If you’re like me….the amateur artist/author that wanted to get their work published, I highly recommend Createspace for your On Demand Publishing needs.

Get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors. Learn how. 

Please note that some of the links and banners on this page are affiliate links and that means that if you click on them and take action, I may benefit financially from that transaction. I do want the reader to know that I do not recommend products unless I personally use them and really like them. I am a Createspace User and plan to use them for all my books in the foreseeable future.

I also want the reader to know that I make no claims or promise any success of your work. All I can do is recommend and point you in the right direction based on my personal experiences. This post is about recommending a service for publishing your book/work with Createspace. No promise of financial gain is made here. By reading this post you are understanding that I or my company are in no way liable for any losses due your acting on this recommendation.

If you do happen to have any questions about Createspace, On Demand Publishing or Creating your Comic Book/Graphic Novel, you can reach me through my Contact Form or on The Spectre Comics Facebook Fan Page….I try to respond in a timely manner. Good Luck with your Book!

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