On the Boards – November 2013

What’s taking so long?

Here’s a quick peek at a couple of pages from the next
Spectre Graphic Novel that is currently in the works.

Every so often, I plan to give readers a quick peek at what I’m working on at the moment. Below are couple of pages for Spectre: Chasing Shadows. I’m deep into the inking phase and I’ve even gone ahead and added some finishing touches to the pages using Photoshop Elements. These inked pages without the clean up and effects still look very bad and unfinished.

These sample pages are part of the follow up to my first graphic novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter. Here is a sneak peak at the first two pages of Spectre: Chasing Shadows..

Spectre Chasing Shadows Page 1
Page 1 – of Spectre Chasing Shadows

Spectre Chasing Shadows Page 2
Page 2 – of Spectre: Chasing Shadows

These are the first two pages of my 112 page graphic novel. The story ends on cliff hanger and leads you into book 3, which is tentatively titled, Spectre: Rogue Asteroid.

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