On the Boards October 2012

What’s taking so long?

Here’s a quick peek at a couple of pages from the next

Spectre Graphic Novel that is currently in the works.

Every so often, I plan to give readers a quick peek at what I’m working on at the moment. Below are couple of pages for my, yet to be titled, second graphic novel. Work is moving along swiftly. I am still in the sketching phase as I turn my script into page layouts. After I draw the entire script in this manner, I will go ahead and start finalizing my pencils.

These sample pages are part of the follow up to my first graphic novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter. At this point in the story, The team has landed at a Floating Space Port to find some information on their destination…Storbo takes the lead…it doesn’t go well….

Spectre 2 - Page 36

Page 36 – of Spectre Graphic Novel 2

Spectre 2 - Page 37

Page 37 – of Spectre Graphic Novel 2

As I’m getting knee deep into this story, I’m really thinking its going to be a lot longer than I originally thought….The first book was about 86 pages and this one may exceed 100…and that’s just part one.

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