Videos and Posts that will help you Color your own Comic Book using Photoshop or the graphics program of your choice. This material is designed to supplement and expand upon the information found in How to Create your own Comic Book.

Photoshop Coloring Part 1Coloring your Comic Book with Photoshop – Part 1 (read more)

As part of my continuing effort to share my techniques for creating comics, I’ve created some videos on my coloring techniques. To keep the videos at a reasonable…

Photoshop Coloring Part 2Coloring your Comic Book with Photoshop – Part 2 (read more)

In this second video, we complete the base colors of our image. This is where we start prepping to add some details and effects to really make the art…

Photoshop Coloring Part 3Coloring your Comic Book with Photoshop – Part 3 (read more)

Learn to Color your Comics in Photoshop Part 3

Also, for video tips on improving your artwork, check out my YouTube Channel: Comic Book Tip Videos by Viradian

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