Promote your work with comiXology Submit

Promoting your book with comiXology Submit

A new way to get exposure!

I’ve stumbled across a new way to get your comic book out there. comiXology Submit is a new service added to the website, comiXology. comiXology, if you haven’t heard of it, is a comic book digital distribution website, where you can set up an account and purchase comic books and graphic novels right to your digital devices.

comiXology Submit

The other day, I was reading about comiXolgy Submit and thought that it would be a good venue to place my Graphic Novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter. They encourage independent artists to submit their work for review, and if you get approved, you share the profits 50-50 with comiXology. The good thing is, comiXology is a popular website with a large subscriber base. You will be able to place your work right in front of comic book fans all over the world.

I created the Spectre Logo above for my comiXology Submission.

If you have a Comic Book or Graphic Novel that you would like to submit for consideration on comiXology, the process is pretty simple. They Require:

-A completed comic book or graphic novel in PDF format.

- A full size cover attached to your Book PDF.

-A credits page of everyone who worked on the book.

-A Title Logo or Series Logo.

-A Company Logo.

Below is a screenshot of my submission to comiXology Submit. ComiXology Submission Dashboard

Their description of the submission requirements is a little more extensive than what I laid out above, but you can get the gist of it. Again, the submission process is relatively easy. They walk you through the whole process, and it is Free. Since I had my comic book already in a PDF format, the rest of the submission took less than an hour to create and upload.

From what I understand, it can take a few weeks for your work to get reviewed and approved, but I’ll post an update once I get that email saying yay, or nay.

Don’t have a book to submit yet?
To learn how to create your own comic book,

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