Promote your work with comiXology Submit

Promoting your book with comiXology Submit
A new way to get exposure!
I’ve stumbled across a new way to get your comic book out there. comiXology Submit is a new service added to the website, comiXology. comiXology, if you haven’t heard of it, is a comic book digital distribution website, where you can set up an account and purchase comic books and graphic novels right to your digital devices.

comiXology Submit

The other day, I was reading about comiXolgy Submit and thought that it would be a good venue to place my Graphic Novel, Spectre: A Dark Matter. They encourage independent artists to submit their work for review, and if you get approved, you share the profits 50-50 with comiXology. The good thing is, comiXology is a popular website with a large subscriber base. You will be able to place your work right in front of comic book fans all over the world.

I created the Spectre Logo above for my comiXology Submission.

If you have a Comic Book or Graphic Novel that you would like to submit for consideration on comiXology, the process is pretty simple. They Require:

-A completed comic book or graphic novel in PDF format.

– A full size cover attached to your Book PDF.

-A credits page of everyone who worked on the book.

-A Title Logo or Series Logo.

-A Company Logo.

Below is a screenshot of my submission to comiXology Submit. ComiXology Submission Dashboard

Their description of the submission requirements is a little more extensive than what I laid out above, but you can get the gist of it. Again, the submission process is relatively easy. They walk you through the whole process, and it is Free. Since I had my comic book already in a PDF format, the rest of the submission took less than an hour to create and upload.

From what I understand, it can take a few weeks for your work to get reviewed and approved, but I’ll post an update once I get that email saying yay, or nay.

Don’t have a book to submit yet?
To learn how to create your own comic book,

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2 Responses to Promote your work with comiXology Submit

  1. Angelo Panetta says:

    Nice article Spark. I recently submitted a title to comixology but was very disappointed to find out there is no publishers dashboard that tracks day to day sales. How were you able to promote your book without online sales info?


    • Spark says:

      I don’t currently have a title on Comixology. I am working on a series that I will submit once I finish. I am currently on issue 5 of 8. I was not aware that there was no dashboard from tracking sales. Seems like that is something they should add.

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