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Publish your Book on Kindle
How do you do this?

Since you’ve published your book using Createspace, you can make your book available digitally on devices like the Kindle or devices with a Kindle App, like the iPad. This is a great way to expose your book to people who mostly buy on digital devices now. It’s also a great marketing tool, because you can get people interested in your book by offering it for Free, or on loan through the Kindle Publishing Marketing options. I will talk about what your options are for marketing with Kindle in a future Post…Click Here!

Check the video below to see the process of how I created a Kindle version of my Comic Book…Spectre: A Dark Matter, and how you can do the same with your book. The example I will use in the video will be for my eBook, How to Create and Publish your Own Comic Book, but the steps are the same.

Video Tutorial Coming Soon…watch this space!



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