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Spectre - A Dark Matter Graphic Novel | Tibari Outpost

Spectre – A Dark Matter Graphic Novel

Available now in Soft Cover and Kindle Digital Download. Visit Amazon.com and Search for Spectre: A Dark Matter or Click to Buy Spectre: A Dark Matter

The Spectre are a team of explorers from the Planet Zan Tibar. They are tasked with finding resources, throughout the galaxy, to restore and advance their civilization. If only these missions proceeded as planned, life would be easy. Unfortunately, they never do. Follow Spark, Storbo, Reesa, Prox, Blip and Eeco on their adventures across the Universe.

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It’s hard being a member of the Spectre. Sometimes your missions go smoothly. Most of the time you wind up stranded on some strange, remote planet with no hope of being rescued. Spark and his team assemble on their Moon Outpost for the first time. Tasked with the responsibility of finding resources to help restore their home planet, many dangers await them on their journey.


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