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Graphic Novels and Books:
Spectre A Dark Matter
Spectre Chasing Shadows
Spectre: A Dark Matter (Vol 1)
86 Page B+W Graphic Novel
Spectre: Chasing Shadows (Vol 2)
110 Page B+W Graphic Novel
Comic Issues – Chasing Shadows Storyline:
Specte Chasing Shadows - Issue 1
Spectre Chasing Shadows Issue 2
Spectre: Issue 1
32 Page B+W Comic
Spectre: Issue 2
28 Page B+W Comic
Spectre Chasing Shadows Issue 3
Spectre Chasing Shadows Issue 4
Spectre: Issue 3
28 Page B+W Comic
Spectre: Issue 4
32 Page B+W Comic
Comic Issues – Rogue Asteroid Storyline:
Spectre Chasing Rogue Asteroid Issue 5
Spectre: Issue 5
36 Page B+W Comic


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