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Tibari Outpost Update Archives

Outpost Update Archives:

This is the first post for 2015 and I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted since October. I’ve been consistently posting comic pages to my Spectre Space Comics webcomic site each week. I’ve also been hard at work writing the next couple of issues of Spectre Comics. Issue 5 is complete in its first draft and Issue 6 is about half written. I’m going to be doing things a little differently from now on. I won’t be writing an entire story like I did for Chasing Shadows. But I will complete each issue separately and then when I get them finished, I will combine the completed work into a graphic novel. I think this is the best way to make progress. I can’t be taking 3-4 years to complete a hundred page book. This needs to go faster so I can move on to other projects.

This update is a special announcement. I’ve created a new site called Spectre Space Comics. Here I will be posting all of my Spectre pages as a long form web comic. The idea is to post a new page every Monday….You can start here: Spectre Space Comics: The Webcomic. Between Spectre: A Dark Matter and Spectre: Chasing shadows, I have 186 pages as of today. That will give me over 3 years of posts if I put a page up every week. I may increase that to 2 posts a week. The idea is to start building a real audience for Spectre Comics. So, go to Spectre Space Comics and subscribe. You can read for free…and if you want the whole story all at once, you can click the Buy Spectre Button in the upper right corner.

Ok…Now I can truly say I am making progress. I was just looking back over some of the archived posts and realize that I worked really slow in getting this book done. I mean I started final pencils in January of 2013…and only now, in October of 2014 am I going to print. This past week I have sent 2 issues of Spectre Comics to the printer. That is half of the book that was/is intended to be Spectre: Chasing Shadows, the Graphic Novel. Issue 3 and Issue 4 will follow shortly. I am not in any hurry as I want to see the quality from the printer before I send the rest. I decided to print with Ka-Blam.com. The have low prices and no minimum order quantity. If the quality is good, I plan to stick with them. I expect to receive my test run of comic books in the next three weeks.

Wow, it has been many moons since I last posted an update. A lot has happened. First off, the delay in posting is because I was getting so close to the end. I was so focused on finishing this book. So where am I in the process? Well, I am for all intents and purposes finished with all four comics of the Chasing Shadows story. This storyline ends on a cliffhanger which will be followed by another 4 to 5 issues I’m dubbing as the Rogue Asteroid storyline. I have decided not to color this iteration of my story, but will add in some gray tones to break up the monotony of the black and white pages. That should only take a week or two. But the content is done. In fact, two of the issues are ready for print right now. I am going to start looking at online comic book printers and get some quotes. As for the Rogue Asteroid storyline, I have written the scripts of the first two issues. I recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq 13hd drawing tablet, and I’m hoping that my work improves in quality and speed. I’ve already noticed a big difference since I’ve been using it.

I’ve been hard at working trying to finish up my first 4 issues of Spectre Comics. In the time since I last wrote, I submitted to another agent (got a rejection) but I finished my first two issues in black and white. I have decided to finish all four issues in black and white and then do color later. Unless I get an agent and put all four issues into a single book. In which case, I will want it to be in color. But I really want to finish the four issues so I can start drawing the second book. I anticipate that will also be about four issues. When all is said and done, I will then have two 110 page graphic novels that span the Chasing Shadows/Rogue Asteroid storyline.

I’m preparing to send my first query letter to a literary agent this week. I know its a long shot to get representation, but I thought this would be the most ideal way to get published. I’m getting really close to finishing, but it sometimes feels like it moves at a snails pace. I want to complete book 1 so I can start drawing book 2. I attended C2E2 yesterday. The Chicago comic convention was again a lot of fun. I hope to be among those setting up a table in artist alley someday. Maybe next year.

I’ve been hard at work trying to finish up Spectre: Chasing Shadows when all of a sudden, I decided to switch gears on how I am going to release my work. First, I decided to color the comic. I think it looks much better in color and gives a lot of life to the characters. Next, I decided that I can break the book down into 4 chapters and create individual issues out of the book. If I decided to put a collection together of all four issues, I have a full graphic novel. I am also preparing to send out a query to a literary agent to see if they would be interested in representing my work. A lot is going on, and I hope the hard work pays off soon.

I seem to have forgotten to post an update in January…that’s fine. It gave me more time to get more of the book done. I’ve got 80 pages inked and 17 pages completed. I’ve spoken to a book distributor friend of mine and he suggested getting a literary agent to help me. I’m going to look into it. It could really help me get my foot in the door of some publishers. I post lots of updates on the book on Twitter, so click here to check my feed: Mike Twitter.

The inking has been going swiftly. I’m wrapping up page 52. I’ve also completed 12 pages of computer editing. I’ve had some feedback on the rough draft of the book and was compelled to eliminate a page and rewrite some of the dialogue. I think it will help the story move along better. That’s all I’ve been fousing on lately. Though I need to get back into writing the second half of this story which will become book 3, tentatively titled Spectre: Rogue Asteriod.

I’ve been working really hard to get my inking done for Spectre: Chasing Shadows. I’m simultaneously writing the outline for the 3rd Book, Spectre: Rogue Asteriod. Or at least, that is what I’m calling it. I’ve been making some good progress and am a little ahead of schedule. I’ve inked 31 1/2 pages in a little more than a month. I’ve also finished 6 pages. Meaning, I’ve cleaned them up in the computer and added some of the effects that I can’t draw by hand. I’ve also started researching some kids book publishers so that I can submit my book to a publisher that might help me. The goal is to be finished with the next Spectre Book in about 4-5 months from now. Hopefull less.

The Ucreate Comics competition ended up being a disaster. The people running the contest made blunder after blunder while running it. The worst part is, I was legitimately in first place for the first 2 weeks before some people who were allowed to trade votes blew past me. Aside from that, I finally gave a title to the next Spectre Book. Spectre: Chasing Shadows is the next installment. I have finished final pencils. Did my first pass at editing and I am now ready to Ink. And even more exciting, Jeff Smith started following me on Twitter yesterday…See the article I wrote about him here.

Just entered my Spectre Comics Concept into a Competition called Ucreate Comics Pitch 100. Currently tied for first place and this is a battle…Need your vote! Click to vote for Spectre Comics. You’ll need to register to vote, but it only takes a minute to sign up.

Just finishing up Spectre Book 2, page 95…only 17 pages left to pencil…Then I can proceed to editing and inking. Just entered this book into the Ucreate Comics competition….if you want to support the cause, click this link to Ucreate and vote…takes less than 2 mins to register and vote…but it will help Spectre Comics get out to the masses.

Spark and crew on a mission that took them to Quorek, a small planet in the Kwari Sector.

Tomorrow I’m going to Chicago Comicon…Looking forward to it. I’m currently working on Spectre Book, Page 83. That means I have less than 30 pages to pencil. I expect to be inking this book in the next few months. Once I start inking, it will move a lot quicker. I have to be done by C2E2 next year. At tomorrow’s comicon, I will be taking a lot of photos so I can see what good set ups are for artist alley. If all goes well, I hope to be setting up a table and hocking my wares, generating some buzz and getting some exposure for the book.

I’m working in high gear. Spectre Book 2 has 74 Hard Penciled pages, less than 40 to go. I’ve just introduced my newest character into the story. I’m enjoying drawing him and getting familiar with the character I created many years ago. I think the first sketch of this character was drawn in 2007 or 2008. I think he’s one of my favorite characters that I’ve created. Also, I’ve been researching the possibility of publishing this new book with a publisher. I’ve identified several I want to learn more about. I still believe in Createspace as a way to publish your books, however, there’s something to be said about having a company behind you. Unless they take too much of the pie. But again…still doing research. And finally, I’m getting ready to go to Chicago Comicon in a few weeks. I got my tickets and I’m ready to go. I am hoping to display my work at a table there next year.

Lots has happened in the past month. I’ve surpassed Spectre Book 2, page 62. My drawing needs to move faster because I’m getting in a lull that is slowing me down. Granted, I just got back from Vacation, and I decided that I needed to take a break from drawing, as well as my work. So, I missed a week of drawing. But, I can come back refreshed and hit the ground running. One thing I did do on Vacation was to start writing a more cohesive version of Spectre Book 3. This book is tentatively titled, "Rogue Asteroid." This will jump right into the story that Book 2 leaves as a cliffhanger. Before I had just a rough, major plot point idea of the story for Book 3. But after this week, I’ve written a large chunk of the story. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough material to make the book as long as Book 2, but as I fill in the story, I think I will be ok. The goal is to have the book around 100-110 pages.

I’m way behind on my updates and a lot has happened over the past 1-1/2 months. As of right now, I am sniffing the halfway point of the Spectre Sequel. I’m on page 53 of 112. It has taken about 6 months to get halfway. I need to double my efforts so that this project doesn’t take all year. Also, I attended C2E2 at the end of last month and had a blast. I got to meet some really good artists, including Agnes Garbowska who I started following on Twitter…It’s cool to meet the artists in person. I think I may try setting up a booth next year and see what happens. This is all contingent on me finishing this Spectre Book. You really need something to show and my original Spectre book just isnt’ enough. I do plan on attending Chicago Wizard Con in August, but not be an exhibitor. Still not ready yet.

My C2E2 (or Chicago Comic & Enterntainment Expo) Tickets have finally arrived. So to prepare for my visit to the event, I had some Spectre T-shirt and Business Cards made. I also bought a bunch of my comic books to bring with me. You never know who you are going to run into. And I would love to get my book into the hands of someone important. I’ve also been drawing like crazy. I’ve started page 37 of the Spectre Sequel and that puts me at just over 1/3 of the way through the pencils. It’s been going slow because I’ve had some pretty difficult scenes to draw and it just took a lot of time. But we’re moving along as swiftly as we can….and by "we" I mean, Me.

Over the last month my comic blog postings have fallen off a bit, because I’ve been focusing on Pencilling the next Spectre Book. I’ve got to start thinking of a title so I can stop calling it that. But, I’ve pencilled about 25 pages, I’m almost a quarter of the way through. The goal is to be published by the end of the year. If you’re interested in seeing samples of the pages, I post a lot of images from my drawings on Twitter, Follow @Spark_Prox…I’m also getting excited because the Chicago Comicon, or C2E2 is coming up in April. I just bought my tickets for that event. It is my understanding that you can interact with artists, publishers and lots of fans to get exposure. I’ll be posting about my experience in April.

I’ve been on a tear in the last two weeks. I’ve already put final pencils to the first 10-1/2 pages of the Spectre Sequel. Although that may not seem like much, it is considering the limited amount of time I have to draw. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up this pace, but I am determined to move this book ahead quickly. I want to publish by the end of the summer. I’ve also created a free preview download for my eBook, How to Create your Own Comic Book. Click Here to get your Free Preview.

So, Some big news, I finished my rough draft of Spectre 2. It took about 10 days longer than I wanted, but I got it done a few days ago and the sketching part is completely done. Now I start hard pencils. I had a lot of edits as I came down to the last 15 pages, but I like how everything flows. It ends on a cliff hanger, and I’m going to have to start writing the script to Part 2. This is an exciting milestone because I have a rough draft of the entire book. There are 112 pages of graphic novel story and I guess I should start thinking about a title. Spectre Book 2, part 1 just doesn’t grab the reader.

Well, it’s Christmas Eve 2012…I have some time off from my job as an architect, so I will be working as much as I can to finish the sketching portion of Spectre 2. I’ve just reached page 85 with about 12 pages of script left. I may cut some things out to wrap it up quicker. If I’m lucky and efficient, I might even be able to start final pencils. I’ve been trying to keep up with the posting of comic book articles on this site, but this has been a crazy month. I have two new posts in rough draft form, but have to clean them up, add images and post them. Hopefully over the next week. I will finish Spectre 2 in 2013…I can’t wait to see it published. Merry Christmas.

Comic Panels-Spec2
I’ve started a Tumblr Blog for Spectre Comics…all about getting exposure, check it out here: Spectre Comics on Tumblr. Now I’ve also been working hard on the comic book…just passed page 70. The first Spectre book had 86 pages…this will be longer. I may try to cut it off at page 100 and go into the sequel earlier than I had planned. Unless I can’t find a good cliffhanger…to be continued…

I’ve been on a tear over the last few weeks. I’ve got 60 pages of the new book sketched. That is on top of some of the other projects I am working on. I’ve dedicated myself to working on the Spectre Sequel almost everyday, and even though I just have about an hour each day to work on it, I am making great progress. As I said in the last On the Boards Post, I want all pencils done by the end of the year.

My work has been slow. I’ve really just had too many projects going on at the same time. I’ve got to focus on one at a time. I promise, lots of new content is coming to the Outpost. I have several things in the works, including some Photoshop Videos on how I do my coloring. This will be helpful for people who want to create a colorful cover for their comic books. I’ve finally got back into sketching the next Spectre Book. I’m on page 42. If I really get into a groove, I can have a lot done by the end of the year. I’d like to have pencils completely done by December. We’ll See. Another "On the Boards" progress post is forthcoming.

My day job as an architect has slowed down my work on my comic book and my other website updates. I have several "How to Draw" posts that I want to write, but I haven’t had the time. The project I’m working on at work is the Park District of Oak Park, IL Gymnastics Center. As of the 17th of August, the project is done, at least the architecture part, and I can now resume normal activities. However, over the past month, I did manage to create a new website called http://make-a-comic-book.com where I am promoting my How to Make a Comic Book eBook. I also have done a few more sketches for the comic book, but not much. More progress will be made over the next month, for sure.

How to Draw Comics in Action
Thirty Two Pages sketched as of today for the Spectre Sequel…I’ve posted some sketched pages. Check them out. Click to see two pages of Spectre On the Boards.

Four New Pages Sketched for the Spectre Sequel. So, it’s starting to move along a little quicker. New Comic Making Posts posted over the last two weeks. Added a Twitter Account so that Spark and Prox can let you know their thoughts. @Spark_Prox.

My eBook on How to Create Your Own Comic Book is Finished! I’ve posted it at the adjacent link. I’m still working on the payment options, but this project is pretty much ready to go. So, if you’re looking to make a comic book, my guide is a helpful resource. Check it out!

I know I’ve said it before, but my eBook is about a week from being published. I have been, however, posting supplemental content to the Outpost while the book is being proofread. This is in preparation for the eBook launch. If you want to learn how to make your own comic book and get it published, this is the right place. I can’t wait to get this project done so I can put more focus on the next Spectre Comic Book. I’ve set up a contact form for those who have questions and an opt-in so people can receive new posts right to their email. So go ahead and sign up….scroll to the footer and enter your email address to subscribe. You know you want to!

While my eBook is being edited by a third party, I begun a YouTube Channel (viradian) and created a series of videos and posts that compliment sections of the book. These posts have embedded videos that give step by step instructions on how to use Photoshop to enhance your comics. I’ve aggregated all of the videos on a single page. Photoshop "How To" Videos.

How to Draw Comics in Action

Progress is being made on Spectre Book 2. Twenty-Two pages are sketched out and I continue to outline the second part of this two part story. My upcoming eBook, How to Create and Publish Your Own Comic Book is in the final editing stages. It won’t be long now. I’ve posted the first video to supplement the eBook. The Video is a tutorial on How to Create a Border Page for your Comic Book Layout, which I discuss in the eBook.

Here on the first day of Spring…the eBook is for all intents and purposes finished. The editing process has begun.

Created a new Header Design for Tibari Outpost to finally replace the place holder I threw up there 2 years ago. My eBook on How to Create and Publish Your Own Comic Book is still being worked on. I’ve started the second of three sections. And lastly, on my Second Spectre Graphic Novel, I’ve finished a few more pages of drawing. The goal is to finish the eBook and then go hard at the Graphic Novel to finish that up.

My eBook on How to Create and Publish Your Own Comic Book is coming along. I’m about half-way through it. I’m finishing a page or two a day and hoping to wrap it up in the next 3 weeks. I’m continuing to sketch out the Pages for My Next Comic Book, but since I’m focusing on the eBook, its not getting as much atttention as I’d like. But it is moving along.

The Kindle version of Spectre: A Dark Matter has just been released…if you have a Kindle or a Tablet with an Amazon Kindle App, you can download Spectre: A Dark Matter right to your digital device.

Currently focusing on adding content to Tibari-Outpost.com. Character content and vehicle content added. Updating the SPECTRE History section to replace the place holder that is currently there. 19 Pages of the next Comic Book are currently sketched out. The How to Make and Publish your own Comic Book (not the official title) eBook that I’m working on is coming along and in the editing phase.

Drawing continues on Book 2. I’m also in the process of creating an ebook on "How to Create Your own Comic Book"  which will chronicle the steps and process I used to make my books and get them published.

Storyboarding and drawing has started for SPECTRE Book 2.

Script writing is complete for the untitled follow up to SPECTRE: A Dark Matter. I’ve also started outlining and scripting Part 2, of this 2-part story.

Script writing begins on follow up to SPECTRE: A Dark Matter, intended to be a 2-part story following the events of the first book.

The Proof I ordered from Createspace of SPECTRE: A Dark Matter is approved by me and the Book becomes available on Amazon and Createspace.
Spectre: A Dark Matter on Amazon
Spectre: A Dark Matter on Createspace


SPECTRE: A Dark Matter, my first Graphic Novel/Long Comic Book that follows the adventure of Spark, Prox and the rest of the crew, is complete and is submitted for review to Createspace.com, an "on demand" publisher.

Working on SPECTRE: A Dark Matter, my first Book. Epilogue just completed and I will now begin the process of getting this book ready for submission to Createspace.com, an on-demand publisher.



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