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Using Twitter to Promote your Comic Book & Blog:

Another great way to get involved with the community that will love and adore you is to start using Twitter. I’ve recently started Tweeting as the Characters from my Comic Book, Spectre: A Dark Matter. I I told myself that I never wanted to get involved with Twitter and I just didn’t get what all the fuss was about. However, once I realized that people are living and communicating through this very popular social medium, I came to the conclusion that it’s not such a bad idea.

So saying all that, I did decide to start a Twitter Account. My Twitter Name is @Spark_Prox and I welcome all Visitors to the Tibari Outpost to Follow if you already have a Twitter Account or are thinking about starting one. (Click on the Twitter Follow Button on the Navigation Button to the right.)

Below is a picture of my Twitter Profile. You can customize your Image that will show up in the Twitter Feed of those that follow you. I’ve used a Picture of Spark and Prox. I do recommend having an eye catching image in your profile because pretty pictures attract the eye and possibly new followers. Also, you don’t have to use your name if you don’t want to, but I wanted to associate myself with my Twitter Account.

Twitter Account for Promotion

Once you start a Twitter Account, you can start looking people up and following them. You can follow celebrities and your friends and hope some of them follow you back. I made a point to find people who are interested in comic books as well as Comic Publishers and Artists to help get exposure if I can get some of them to follow me back.

You can also search keywords in the search box to look for people who enter keywords into their Tweets. Keywords are denoted with a hash tag before the keyword. For instance, I searched for #comics and found a bunch of people tweeting on the topic of Comics and Comic Books. The people who are interested in comics are the people you want to follow and get to follow you. Although, don’t underestimate the power of a celebrity retweeting you. Especially if they have thousands of followers.

Twitter Account for Promotion

I’m not going to go into the process of how to set up a Twitter account because basically it’s self explanatory and they send you an email with information to help you get started. Even though I set out with the intent of only Tweeting as my characters, I sometimes tweet random things. It is good to tweet and use hash tag keywords because some people will randomly find you and follow you.

If you created a comic book promoting blog like I’ve talked about in an earlier post. You can place buttons throughout your site so that people who visit and have a Twitter account can just click the button to automatically follow your Tweeting activity. I’ve posted a button on the "Outpost Updates" section of the Tibari Outpost Home Page and another on the Right Side Navigation so that it appears on every page and post in this site.

Twitter Account for Promotion

Ok, Here’s the Important Stuff:

Finally, one of the cool things about Twitter is that it integrates and works with a lot of other social media platforms. If you Set Up a Feedburner Account as I talked about in the last post, you can integrate your Twitter Account to automatically Tweet every time you post to your WordPress Blog. It’s a nice way to Tweet and promote your site’s content at the same time. The connection process is easy and quick. Sign into your Feedburner Account and take a look at the image below:
. Twitter Account for Promotion
The first thing to do is click the Publicize Tab at the top. Next click the Socialize Tab at the Left. Finally, click the Add Twitter Account Button. This will bring up a box for you to enter your Twitter Handle. Give Feedburner permission to access your Twitter Account and it will connect automatically. As you can see above, I ‘ve selected Title Only and I checked the Include Link button so that people can click the link within the Tweet. Also, you’ll want to leave room for Retweets…remember, you are limited to 140 characters in each Tweet and you want people to retweet your tweets. Wow, I said Tweet a lot.

Finally, you will want item categories to create hash tags. This lets people who search for the keywords find your tweets. And that is about it. So go ahead, start a Twitter Account and promote your book and content.

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