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Spectre Characters - Blip | Tibari Outpost


Blip is the Robotic Assistant to Storbo. Blip is small and tends to annoy the rest of the crew, especially Prox. However, he’s really just inquisitive and tries to be helpful. Like Prox, Blip can hover due to his built-in, Anti-Gravity Motivator. Blip has removable arm jets that allow him to move a greater speeds when the need arises.

Blip - Robotic Assistant to Storbo

Blip eyes have several functions other than sight….they can be used as scanners, lights and can record images and motion like a camera. His undercarriage sports an elemental sensor beacon which is very helpful while searching for resources on SPECTRE missions. The undercarriage sensor also has a transmitter that can send out radio signals; which is especially helpful in calling for help in times of distress. The range of this transmitter, however, is only a few miles. Blip’s hand has a compartment that houses a communicator so that Storbo can talk to him when they are separated.

Blip suffered from a speech repetition problem after being hit by falling debris on a solo mission with Storbo. This speech problem helped annoy the other SPECTRE Team members. However, an encounter with a Lorian on the Planet Hydror corrected the problem when Blip was zapped with an electrical scrambling device. (See SPECTRE: A Dark Matter)

Storbo is very protective of Blip, even though the others give Blip a hard time. He has proven to be a valuable member of the team.

Blip manages to annoy the rest of the crew during a crisis in Spectre: A Dark Matter.


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