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Spectre Characters - Eeco | Tibari Outpost


Eeco is Reesa’s Robotic Assistant. Spark (and Prox) built Eeco for Reesa as gift for joining the SPECTRE team in the Kwari Sector. Eeco’s greatest asset is his size and strength. He has become the team’s muscle.

Eeco - Robotic Assistant

Due to the fact that Eeco was just recently activated, he is still learning his role on the team. Eeco’s primary responsibilities as part of the SPECTRE team are to monitor ship resources on the Zebulon. Eeco keeps a close watch on the Ship’s power coil during missions and makes sure the ship is running optimally.

Eeco has a few features other than strength that aid the team. Eeco has telescoping arms that have proved useful on several occasions. They can detach and shoot quite a distance. They can be used to retrieve things or even lift Eeco up, as his hands can act grappling hooks. Eeco also has an antenna on his head which can act as a beacon.

Prox has taken it upon himself to educate Eeco on how to deal with the Tibari. Eeco humors Prox with his crazy ideas, and is skeptical of everything he says.

Eeco helps Spark manage ship resources during a crisis in Spectre: A Dark Matter.

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