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Spectre Characters - Procyon 5000 | Tibari Outpost

Procyon 5000

Procyon 5000 or Prox, for short, is Spark’s Friend and Robotic Assistant. Prox relies on Spark but hates the idea of being a subservient to the Tibari. Prox is egotistical and feels superior to other Robots.

Prox - Robotic Assistant

Prox is very mobile and able to float with his anti-gravity mobilizer. He’s equipped with a left arm cannon which fits over his left hand. The cannon can be removed and stored in a compartment in his body shell. Spark is always working on new attachments for Prox’s arm.

Prox’s visor is able to scan for elements and his chest display gives readings of the scan. This is usefull for showing molecular breakdowns and wavelengths of resources they come across during missions. His chest display can also emote. His visor also has the ability to project 3D holographic images.

Prox is well versed in all SPECTRE protocols. His primary function is to interact with the Mineta Mainframe Computer and act as Co-Pilot on the Zebulon Star Ship. Even though he won’t admit it and sometimes acts defiant to orders, Prox will always look after Spark and knows him better than anyone.

Prox loves exploring and thus loves his position on the SPECTRE team. He will take and follow orders, but must make it look like he won’t. He’s got a reputation to uphold.

Prox prefers not to share his core to help activate Eeco in Spectre: A Dark Matter.

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