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Spark – Space Explorer

Spark is the Leader of the of the SPECTRE in the Kwari Sector; a vast region of space that may possess rare, energy producing elements that are of high value to the Tibari.  Spark is smart, resourceful and tends to get under the skin of those he commands.  He has a personality that needs to be put in its place from time to time.  Spark worked very hard to earn his command and is quick to point out anyone trying to usurp his authority….actually, he even points it out when no one is trying to usurp his authority.  To this day, they all wonder how he got this position.

Spark - Tibari Outpost

Spark is resourceful and intelligent…he’s good at everything…at least, that’s what he tells everyone. He is a good pilot though, and somewhat cocky about it. He’s mechanically minded and has developed a lot of the equipment that the SPECTRE use on their missions. He often finds himself in extraordinary situations and drags Prox into them to his dismay.

Spark is very loyal to his friends and teammates. He does, however, enjoy giving Storbo a hard time because its fun.

Spark has no extraordinary abilities other than his smart mouth and its often good at getting him into trouble. He has no fear, though, sometimes that would be helpful. Spark did exceptionally well at the Academy at that resulted in his quick rise as a leader of his team in the Kwari Sector.

Spark comes face to face with a cave dwelling Gorpane in Spectre: A Dark Matter.

Spark and his SPECTRE team reside within the Moon Base of Mineta. Mineta is a Tibari Outpost that orbits the Gas Giant Carporia, which is in the heart of the Kwari Sector.

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