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Spectre Cast | Tibari Outpost


Meet the cast of the Spectre Universe:

SparkSpark: Spark is the captain of his Spectre team and their starship, the Zebulon. Smart and resourceful, Spark earned his command with years of hard work and tireless efforts to the restoration of Zantibar. Spark is dedicated to finding the beings that pillaged their home planet. His sarcastic nature gets under the skin of those he commands. He also does not like when others try to usurp his authority.

Procyon 5000Procyon 5000: (Prox for short) Prox is Spark’s robotic counterpart. His job is to assist Spark and the Tibari in their resource expeditions. Prox serves as the navigator on their ship, the Zebulon. Although he enjoys working with the Tibari, he hates being told what to do and thinks robots are often treated unfairly.

StorboStorbo: Second in command on Spark’s Spectre team, Storbo shares Spark’s desire to find the beings who decimated Zantibar. Storbo is skilled in tracking, and defensive tactics. His abilites keep the team safe and are vital for locating the resources they explore the galaxy for. Storbo is task oriented and stoic. He’s not the most personable member of the team, but perhaps the most dedicated.

BlipBlip: Serving as Storbo’s robotic assistant, Blip aids the Spectre during planetary missions. He uses his scanners to analyze the surrounding environment and is an asset in locating the elements that they seek. Blip also has a long range communication beacon that keeps the Tibari connected when away from the Zebulon.

ReesaReesa: The third and most inexperienced member of Spark’s Spectre team is Reesa. She’s a specialist in geology and elemental science which is very useful in the search for elemental resources. She’s energetic, motivated and excited to explore the galaxy. Reesa and Spark have been friends for a long time and he jumped at the chance to have her as part of his team.

EecoEeco: Spark and Prox built Eeco and presented him to Reesa as a gift for joining the Spectre. Eeco’s greatest asset is his large size and proportional strength. He also serves as an engineer and keeps the ship running smoothly. He’s formed an interesting relationship with Prox learning how to deal with the Tibari.


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