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The Zebulon – Starship

The Zebulon is the Star Ship of Spark and His SPECTRE Team.  It is used on their missions to explore areas of the Kwari Sector; a small region of space that may possess rare, energy producing elements.

The Zebulon Star Ship

The Zebulon contains a bridge where the Tibari and their robotic counterparts pilot and control the ship. There is also a lounge and sleeping quarters for the crew. The sphere contains a cargo hold with an ejecting platform. Cargo can also be loaded and unloaded from the top using cranes and other equipment while the ship is docked.

The Zebulon features four (4) engines and wings which allow it to navigate in space as well as in the atmospheres of the various planets it visits. The ship is capable of intersteller space travel with its ion drive engines. The ship is powered by a energy coil that is made up of a combination of Parkidium and Orcanium, two of the rare energy producing elements in which the SPECTRE are charged with locating for Zan Tibar. The lower stabalizing fins split and retract to allow the ship to land safely on the ground. The crew can board the ship through a small door on the rear of the sphere.

The Zebulon also has energy shields which protect it and the crew from minor attacks from space pirates and other scum, as well as space debris. In case the crew needs to defend itself, the ship is equipped with laser weapons and radiation missles. The Zebulon also has a tractor beam emitter on the rear of the sphere in case the need to tow anything arises.

The Zebulon can land on a planet by retracting its lower stabalizer fin and lowering its landing gear.

The Zebulon’s sphere also has a dock for a small Recon Saucer Ship that the SPECTRE use for solo and recon missions. The ship settles into the bottom of the sphere and snaps into place; becoming the bottom of the sphere. While in space, the recon ship can detach and the cargo hold is sealed by a force field that protect the crew from the vacuum of space.

The Zebulon releases the recon ship at the bottom of the cargo sphere.

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