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Tibari Recon Saucer Ship | Tibari Outpost

Tibari Recon Saucer Ship

The Tibari, that are members of the SPECTRE fleet, use these small saucer ships for reconnaissance and other solo missions. The ships are very small, quick and can travel though space and most planetary atmospheres. These ships are also highly manueverable in case the pilot needs to make a quick escape.

The Zebulon Star Ship

The Tibari Recon Ship supports one pilot and has space for each Tibari’s Robotic Counterpart. The space for each robot is custom designed, since most robots have different dimensions. The Ship is streamlined and has a reinforced hull to deflect most minor collisions. It also has a weak energy shield that can protect from minor attacks. The ship relies on its speed and manueverability to escape. The ship can also jump into hyperspace, but has a limited range.

Storbo and Blip head to Anviallis in search of rare, energy producing elements.

These small ships are not designed to carry much cargo, but can be used to hold a small amount of samples in a protected compartment. Each ship is also equipped with supplies and a temporary shelter in case the pilot is stranded. These ships are powered by a smaller version of the energy coil found in the larger Tibari Starships, such as the Zebulon.

These small ships are also equipped with a powerful sub-space transmitter in case the pilot needs to call for help. These ships are designed for smaller, quicker missions.

The Recon Ship drops down into space, separating from the Zebulon’s cargo sphere.

The Recon Vessels were also designed to work in conjunction with the larger Starships. The smaller ship can lock into place below the cargo sphere and is accessed from inside the cargo hold. When needed, the pilot can enter the recon vessel and drop down into space. When the saucer separates from the main sphere, a energy force field engages to protect the rest of the crew from the vacuum of space.

Reesa arrives at Mineta in her Recon Ship.

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