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Zan Tibar - Tibari Home World | Tibari Outpost

Zan Tibar – Tibari Home World

Located in the Tucana Sector, Zan Tibar orbits Quorum Lol, one half of a binary star system that includes Quorum Mol. Both are main sequence stars. Zan Tibar is the 7th planet in a 14 planet solar system that orbits Quorum Lol. Zan Tibar was a vibrant world with abundant resources until mysterious ships appeared in the skies.

Zan Tibar - Tibari Home World

Decades ago when these ships appeared, they deployed robotic drones which decimated the planet and took many of the natural resources that made Zan Tibar a vibrant and viable world. The native inhabitants, know as Tibari, survived the destruction and rebuilt their world. As a preventitive measure from further attacks, they built a shield generator system around the planet. The generators are vertical strips that surround the planet in a geosynchronous orbit. The north and south poles have tension hubs which keep the generator strips from flying off into space. There are also monitoring stations at these hubs.

Zan Tibar has two moons, Tawh and Trea. Each moon has a population of inhabitants and a space port. As a precaution to prevent an invasion, the only way to get to the surface of Zan Tibar is to land your ship at one of the space ports and take a Tibari Transport Shuttle to the surface. No unauthorized vessels are permitted to land on the surface of the Home World.

Ee-Aso Transport Station in Centrek West, Zan Tibar’s Capital City.

Zan Tibar’s largest city is Centrek West. It contains the Hall of the Tibari High Council, a body which governs and protects the inhabitants of Zan Tibar. The Tibari live a highly technological lives and Zan Tibar is generally a very peacefull place to live. However, maintaining the protective shields requires a vast amount of energy and resources. Thus the High Council created the SPECTRE. The SPECTRE’s mission is to seek out an find resources for Zan Tibar.

The SPECTRE Program was kept from the general public to alleviate any distress that migh be caused. The idea of running out of resources would change the way the the Tibari live and progress.

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